Boys United (Football Academy) by Tom Palmer


Football may well be the way to get your 7-11 year old "I don't like reading" child into loving books.

The author of this book hated reading when he was young and it wasn't until his Mum introduced him to books about football that he discovered a passion for books. Try them with one of these. You may even need to read it to your child, but will then find them re-reading it themselves or demanding the next in the series! Probably worth a try! These books are mostly rated 4.5 to 5* on Amazon.Suitable for age 7+.

Jake loves football and dreams of becoming a professional footballer. He's worried about his height though ? what if he's too small for football? But on the day of his trial Jake is quick on the ball and scores ? he's made it! Jake can't wait to pull on his shirt and join the team. But someone at the club wants to make his life difficult.

Can Jake face up to the bullies and become man of the match again? Stay on the ball this season with the first four stories following the boys in United's under-twelves.

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  • ISBN: 9780141932842

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