The Lost Hero (Heroes of Olympus Bk 1) by Rick Riordan


Suitable for readers age 10+. New series by the creator of Percy Jackson. 

Hardback version.

Camp Half-Blood is the only place for children of the Olympian gods to live. Where else can they fight monsters and practise archery with flaming arrows and explosives? But Camp Half-Blood's latest recruits - Jason, Piper and Leo - haven't been brought here for fun. A major problem has arisen.

Hera, Queen of the Gods, has been imprisoned. They are the chosen ones to save her from great evil - with only four days to complete their quest. And that's not all.

Percy Jackson, hero of the half-bloods, is missing. The second great prophecy has begun. But the half-bloods have no idea how many enemies they've awakened.

This is a war they cannot win ...or can they?


  • ISBN: 9780141334011

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