Mermaid Magic by Gwyneth Rees


There's a secret world at the bottom of the sea!

Rani came to Tingle Reef when she was a baby mermaid-she was found fast asleep in a seashell and nobody knows where she came from.

Now strange things keep happening to her, almost as if by magic.What's going on? Rani's pet sea horse, Roscoe, Octavius the octopus and a scary sea-witch help her to find out...

Hummingbird Books say "this book is probably the most dog-eared on the bookshelf in one Y4 classroom that we know of in Derbyshire. In fact it's rarely on the shelf and there is usually a fight to decide who is going to have it next."

Reading level - Moderate/large print/black and white illustrations throughout.


  • ISBN: 9780 3304 26329

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