Get your reluctant reader reading

We are now running a unique scheme (following our recent reading study) which is extremely effective at getting reluctant readers reading.We work with  parents or teachers over the 'phone for between 3 and 6 sessions, showing you how to work with your child to get them reading for pleasure. The programme is suitable for children between the ages of  7 and 11 including dyslexic children, although a core reading age of 6.5 years is necessary for best results.Here are a few of the comments from parents whose children have been helped recently:

"Since participating in the scheme, I have been really surprised at Sarah's renewed interest in books. Having the experience and knowledge that Anne has to suggest suitable books that are engaging and easy enough for Sarah to want to read alone has been wonderful. The new passion for reading is really great to see and something which I am eager to continue to encourage."


"I would like to thank you so much for the help you gave James.  He has progressed in such a short time from a boy who wouldn't read even small stories to himself , to one who is now enjoying reading children's chapter books on his own. He has always enjoyed Maths, and now I can see his love of reading developing too.  This will only increase as he experiences more and more of what the children's book world has to offer!  His favourites are Dirty Bertie and Secret Seven!  On the journey you set him, he definitely enjoyed the Greek myths!  Thank you so much once again.


" I can't praise your reading scheme enough. My 8 year old daughter who found reading an uphill battle now wants to read and look up the meaning of words in the dictionary. She even has the confidence to read out loud in front of her friends. By going back one step, her reading ability has jumped three steps forward. Many thanks for your time and advice. A happy mum." 


 From the mother of a severely dyslexic 10 year old who we have worked with for 2 months. When we started she was not reading at all to herself.

"Louise is on her 3rd Jake Cake book; she loves them! She is on book 6 of the library summer reading challenge- I can't believe it!"


From the mum of a 7 year old, about a "Jake Cake" book( a very popular series that we use on our reading programme).

" He loved it & couldn't put it down - said it was cooooool"


Each telephone session is uniquely tailored to your child's reading level and interests.During the sessions we show you how to follow our simple programme to get them reading.The programme only uses books that we know children aged beween 7 and 11 find irresistible.So no more mediocre books-we only use books that have been recommended by children themselves! Telephone consultations are with Anne who is a primary school teacher and who owns Hummingbird Books.

  The cost is £15 for a 30 minute telephone conversation. It  usually takes between three and six of these telephone conversations to get a reluctant reader reading. We hope you will agree that this is a really worthwhile investment. Children need to learn to read well between the ages of 7 and 11 in order to access the full curriculum at primary school and beyond.

We are so confident of being able to help your child that we are now offering a unique money back guarantee. If you feel that we have not been able to help get your child into reading after 6 sessions we will give you your money back!

Why wait? Set your child on the path towards reading  today by ringing 01483 503067 to make an appointment.

Or contact Anne :

Our annual support system offers you even better value. As much telephone and email support as you need for a whole year for just £80.

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