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I originally set Hummingbird Books up because, as the parent of an avid reader , I didn't know which were the very best books to give my son to read. I helped with reading at my son's primary school and soon discovered that it wasn't just my son and I who wanted to know which were the best books to read! Lots of other children and parents did too.

Part of the work at the school involved helping children to choose their next reading book from the extensive choice on the school bookshelves.It seemed that if you got the choice right, not too difficult to read and a brilliant story, the child's reading would really take off and they couldn't wait to finish the book they'd just been given ( often children would come in to school and explain that they had stayed up late reading as they just had to finish the book).

The Year 4 children, then set up a recommendation system,. They marked the very best books with a green sticker to tell their friends which were the outstanding ones and it soon became clear that if one child really liked a book, there was a very good chance that others of a similar age and reading ability would like it too.The scheme went from strength to strength; even "reluctant readers" started to enjoy these specially chosen books and the children's enthusiasm continued to grow.

......and so the idea for Hummingbird Books was born. Many parents said that they needed help with choosing books that their children would enjoy, so we started to compile a list of the books which the children had rated as "brilliant" , "fantastic" or just "really, really good." Now, we are able to bring them to you at Hummingbird Books and hopefully help to encourage a love of reading in your children too!

All our books are recommended by children themselves and every one has been given at least a 4* rating by the children.

I now spend my time either supply teaching in primary schools across Surrey, where I get lots of ideas on a weekly basis about what children are reading today, tutoring children in maths and English or running Hummingbird Books, with the aim of bringing a love of reading to thousands of children across the UK.

I hope you will enjoy our site.



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