Reading Levels

All our books will soon be categorised into approximate reading levels, so that you can get some idea of  how easy/difficult a book is to read.When deciding on the reading level of a book, we look at how complex the vocabulary is, font size, number of words on a page as well as whether there are any pictures. We find that these factors all affect whether a child is motivated to read a book for pleasure, particularly when first reading on their own.

We would always suggest that a child reading for pleasure reads a book that they can easily manage without adult help. If it is too much of a chore to plough through a book, their enjoyment is often compromised.

In our reading level system:

books are the simplest to read.

books are the most difficult to read.

 For examples of books in each reading level,please see below. The links take you through to Amazon where you can "Look Inside" the books

An example of a     book is Androcles and the Lion .

 An example of an   book is Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot .

An example of a     book is Horrid Henry and the Secret Club  

An example of an   book isThe Secret Seven

An example of a     book is Sheepdog in the Snow (Animal Ark)

An example of an book is "Amazon Adventure"/"Diving Adventure"

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