Books for 11+ year olds

This section has lots of the very best books for children who are 11 years old and over. There are gripping adventure stories that you won't want to put down, out of this world fantasy stories as well as novels with horses and other animals in.Whether you are an avid reader or just like a good book now and again, you will definitely find lots of choice here.

Lots of the keen readers we work with tell us they find it hard to find enough books to keep them going. Because every book on our site has been given at least a 4* rating, often a 5* rating and all our test readers are children, you can be assured of a really good selection of the very best books to read to keep you in books for a long time. With new books being added all the time, we aim to make sure you won't run out! Please let us know if you have done and we will aim to find even more suggestions for you to read.

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