Books for Advanced Readers

One of the difficulties when you have a child with a high reading age is that the content of books is often not suitable if you give them books designed for older children.

We have started this section to try to help those parents faced with this issue. There is plenty of material out there to give them, but you possibly need to work with books written some  years ago when references to violence etc and other subjects unsuitable for younger children were much less common.In addition to this,be aware that even if they can read the words,they won't necessarily understand the words or the concepts. 

I personally don't believe that there is a great need to give them books that they read for pleasure that are as difficult as the reading level they are on at school.. Reading for pleasure should probably be at a slightly lower level than the reading level they can actually cope with. That way, they won't have to keep stopping if they don't know a word and so can enjoy a book in a relaxed way.Be guided by your child in this - it is probably more important to engender a love of books even if they do ask you for the 72nd book in the Rainbow Magic series when you know they could probably tackle something much more challenging.You could, of course leave a copy of "The Secret Garden" lying around or maybe even read a few chapters to them. It might just spark their interest for something else.

Anyway, back to the issue in hand. We will start this section with books for younger advanced readers and will add to it as soon as we can gather enough relevant material. Please bear in mind that although we suggest books that are likely to be suitable for a particular age group, we do not read every book and in respect of this please refer to the section of our Terms and Conditions entitled  Suitability of Content,

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