Easier books /Reluctant readers

Our work with children aged between 2 and 12+ means that we come across lots of children who don't really like reading.

On many occasions these reluctant readers will happily read, as long as they find the right books. This section has lots of easy to read books, as well as books with lots of pictures, funny books and books on popular subjects like football, all of which are included here because they have helped many reluctant readers to become true book lovers. 

A good choice may be an easier to read book to start with, although once they get hooked on a book  these readers do not necessarily need books that are easier, just the opportunity to try out books and experience for themselves the pleasure of curling up with a really good book. It may take a bit more patience, trying out different books, in terms of how thick the book is, how large the font is and how many pictures there are to persuade your child who doesn't like reading to actually read a book, but once they get going, they often get the book bug quite quickly. If you have a child who finds reading very difficult, you may like to look in our section for dyslexic and struggling readers where there are lots more easy to read books from the specialist publisher Barrington Stoke.

For individual help for your child, try our "Reading Guidance Pack", which gives you individual telephone support as well as downloadable information to encourage a love of reading.

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