Books for 9 - 11 year olds

In this section we have hundreds of the most popular children's books suitable for 9, 10 and 11 year olds.We have a huge collection of books that are suitable for the avid reader,  as well as lots of really good books for the more reluctant reader.

 Parents often tell us that finding enough book ideas for a child who is an avid reader is a constant challenge. We hope that using our site will make things a bit easier from that viewpoint. Because all the books have been recommended by children themselves and all have been given 4* or 5* ratings, you could literally start from one end of our lists and work your way through until your child has read all the ones they like the look of. "Liking the look of a book" seems to be quite crucial, though. It seems that if they don't even like the look of the cover, wild horses won't persuade them to read it!

 We also have lots of ideas and book suggestions for children who are not very keen on reading.If you have a child who is not very keen on reading, you may prefer to start with our section for reluctant and struggling readers, where we include books with lots of pictures as well as books with larger print, two things that children who are not keen readers tell us are very important to them.Getting boys, in particular, to read books is one of the biggest challenges both teachers and parents face, but we hope that when you start browsing our site, you will agree that we have one of the best collections of good books for boys(and girls) available anywhere.

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